Organise your event in Ooidonk Castle!

The doors of the beautiful Ooidonk Castle are open for your event. Your invited guests will really enjoy the impressive historical décor. In the evenings and at night the inner courtyard is bathed in an enchanting light. Seldom has a location been so unforgettable!

You can avail yourself of this location for many formulas: presentations, dinners, walking dinners, receptions. These will be organised either in the castle or in a tent in the castle’s imposing courtyard (see terms & conditions).
Your event can be combined with a guided tour of the castle or the gardens. The park in front of the castle can also be used for activities.

The route to the castle is signposted on the roads. There is enough space to park in the Ooidonk Avenue and in the castle’s extra car parks. A parking attendant must be provided to assist drivers to park. For bigger events, we recommend providing a shuttle between the car park and the castle.

Terms & Conditions

Hire of the castle (certain rooms) :
Events inside the castle are organized very exceptionally and on an exclusive and limited basis as the castle is private and inhabited (e.g. no birthday or communion parties, no dancing,…). Find out beforehand in order to know the possibilities and conditions.

Hire of the domain:
Beyond the castle walls, both B2B and private events can be organised. Parties with DJ can be held until 2 a.m. Environmental legislation must be strictly observed.

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For further details we recommend that you make an appointment to visit the castle and discuss the possibilities customised to your event.

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