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Not to be missed: Ooidonk gardens

Discover the French styled gardens of Ooidonk Castle, revisited by a renowned Belgian architect.

A beautifully alternating structure of grasses, rose bushes and hedge rows of different heights, sublimes the central fountain. It is a perfect balance between the verticality of the jet of water and the views showing either the castle or the woods.

What a pleasant surprise the visitor meets with when he discovers in this enchanting garden sculptures of different themes and periods!

The four corners of the fountain in the central terrace are encircled by ‘the four seasons’.

Two modern sculptures face each other between the rustling grasses: ‘The Man in the Hat’ by Jean-Michel Folon and ‘The Flight’ by Olivier Strebelle, both Belgian artists.

Leaving the French garden, head towards the open greenhouse and  come face to face with ‘Odimo’, a work of art by which the Begian artist Mieja D’hont pays homage to her son flying away. With this unique and attractive bronze statue, the artist illustrates the theme of  protective maternity.

Walk, wander, dream, admire nature with open eyes, feel the wind rustling through the branches of surrounding trees, look at the reflection of the castle in the moat… Breathe, feel alive and just be happy being here… thanks to the enchanting magic of Ooidonk.

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Discover Benelux - July 2018


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Ooidonk Castle's gardens : well worth a visit


We have acquired a wonderful new gardener who has really spruced up the domain's gardens. The renovated greenhouse, which produces fresh herbs and vegetables for the castle's inhabitants, is now also open to visitors.

A real ecological touch and a home to many insects and butterflies.

Two beautiful white swans have adopted the castle's pond as their new home. We also have a 8 month old sheperd pup as our new guard dog.

The terrace behind the castle is now host to a wonderful work of art by renowned Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon: “L’Homme au Chapeau” (The man with the hat).

Visitors are always welcome for gardens all year round at Ooidonk Castle from 09:30 until 18:00.

Only closed on Monday, and Tuesday morning.

Ooidonk Castle - Deinze, August 2017

Le 'Chambord des Flandres' - Paris-Match 27/7/2017


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Het Laatste Nieuws - 24/05/2017 - Binnenkijken in Kasteel Ooidonk


Het Laatste Nieuws - 24/05/2017 - Binnenkijken in Kasteel Ooidonk

Lifestyle Tuinbeurs 2017


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Kasteel Ooidonk in een actueel kleedje


Kasteel Ooidonk in een actueel kleedje

Renovation Ooidonk - AVS - 19 May 2017


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Juliette & Victor - janvier 2017 - La Vie de Château


Juliette & Victor - janvier 2017 - La Vie de Château



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Demeures Historiques 2016 - 2

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Demeures 2016 - 1

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